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This is where authors will introduce their newest book so YOU may be the first to hear about it.

Author: Lynnda Robinson - Mar 2021

Always treat others with kindness.Animoo Town is full of all kinds of animals who live in harmony – tigers, elephants, zebras and many more. Until one day when a mean old gnome changes everything.Suddenly, all the animals are mixed up with each other. Twigen the Tiger is now half-chicken. Bears become half-zebras. Alligators are now half-skunks. Everything has gone crazy and Animoo Town needs help!And that’s where you come in.Together with your friend Brian, you must find this mean gnome and have him change everything back to normal. Because until then, Animoo Town will be a crazy mixed-up place. And when you do encounter that gnome, you’ll realize some important lessons… and that being nice to others is the most important thing of all.

Author: Bharati Guntury - Feb 2021

Richa is excited to visit her grandma at the beautiful village. But she is not aware of the magical adventure that awaits her in the woods. A missing boy... and a missing fairy ! Will Richa be able to solve the mystery? Who are the flonaries? Read this enchanting story to know what she discovers while trying to help others.

Author: Bharati Guntury - Feb 2021

The flonaries are back! This time, in the heart of the city; outside their comfort zone in the woods. They are tracking the Flonasian objects - a magical ring, a magical paint brush! Are these lost or stolen? What is the hidden danger? Read this mysterious and magical adventure to find out...

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