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Holiday Books

Giving Not Getting-cover-final1.jpg

Author: Lynnda Robinson

What to do when your child is selfish and greedy, especially around Christmas time? Read about siblings who can't wait to find out what they are getting for Christmas and how selfish they become. The parents are finding that the kids are arguing a lot about their Christmas list. Find out what the parents do to help the children learn the true meaning of Christmas. Great book for all children to read and learn from.                                               


Author: Irene Dolnick

Christmas checklist:
1. Jazmine wondering about her presents and tracking Santa. 
2. Kurt, Gert, Bagel, and Harley coming over to decorate and cook. 
3. Search all over for Santa.
4. Enjoy friends, family, and Santa.
Join Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, and Bagel as they find Santa and a surprise visitor.


Author: Wanda Luthman

Sophia the Christmas Eve Snow Bunny & The Real Gift is about a little white snow bunny who knows what it's like not to have parents at Christmas time and to not have any presents to open. Santa enlists her help to deliver presents to other orphaned animals this year. Come on her journey as she discovers the real gift of Christmas.


Author: Mary Griffith Chalupsky

Many years ago there was a short time that Christmas Spirit disappeared from the face of the earth. All the brightness and happiness we experience at Christmas today had gone away in the blink of an eye. This book is about that day and what had to be done to find Christmas Spirit once again.


Author: Mary Griffith Chalupsky

In all the excitement of the Christmas holiday season, Jogger still knows and understands that the real reason for Christmas is the birth of Jesus. He extends his kindness and consideration to those who are less fortunate than he. Purchasing Christmas gifts for the names he drew from his church 'Angel' tree completes his purpose of 'what Christmas is all about.'


Author: Patricia Moore

Aaron, who is a shepherd’s son, longs to call out to the sheep. He tries to but he is unable to speak. How he wishes he could speak! He wants to be a shepherd like his father. An angel appears to Aaron and his father. The angel announces the birth of the Christ Child in Bethlehem. In great excitement, Aaron and his father rush to Bethlehem. How will Aaron greet the Christ Child since he can not speak? And how will Aaron’s life be changed after meeting the Christ Child? Find out in the Silent Shepherd!


Author: M.L Scone

Who could possibly know the elves, the reindeer, Mrs. Claus and all her flaws, and who's been naughty or nice? I think you know. Who better to tell you Santa is Real than Santa himself. I Know Santa is Real is a gently rhyming Christmas tale for early readers, ESL students, SPED stars, and everyone else who believes in Santa ( p.s. the non-believers can enjoy it too!) This short, easy to read picture book will spark your Christmas spirit and keep your readers engaged from cover to cover. Teachers: Read it to your students as part of a holiday class lesson or have your readers sound out the words and discover the “true author” of I Know Santa is Real themselves!Parents: Your child will feel accomplished and proud after reading each “I Know...” sentence. Bonus color-in images of Santa and the elves at the end of the book! Gift Givers: This is a great holiday stocking stuffer or an excellent year-round book for anyone learning to read and for anyone, child or adult, who decides to say “I Know Santa isn’t real!”


Author: Alyssa Miracle

A Fun Christmas ABC Book for Kids!!!
CHRISTMAS ABC is an alphabet book, It presents letters of the alphabet with corresponding Christmas related words and pictures to color. It is the perfect way for your child to learn about Christmas.
This is the perfect book to get your toddler excited for Christmas while learning new words and the alphabet.
Alphabet Book for Children's Ages 2-6, Fun Alphabet Christmas Book for Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten & First grade (Toddlers Stocking Stuffer Gift Idea).


  1. Letters A-Z: Uppercase and Lowercase

  2. Christmas Vocabulary: Child-Friendly Carefully Selected Christmas Related Words

  3. Big and Simple Christmas images with fun characters

  4. Printed On One Side: Safe For Markers

  5. High-Resolution Printing

  6. Lots of Fun for Preschool and Kindergarten

It is most suitable for kids age between 2- 6 years, but also suits any young child to get excited about Christmas!


Author: Marla Davidson Currie

"A Spinner's Christmas" takes us into the world of the tiniest creatures and the humans they work with as all confront a hardship at the happiest time of year. In this fantastical holiday tale set in London of yesteryear, a hat store's closing at Christmas causes big trouble for everyone. From the humans who work there to critters in its dusty storeroom, anxiety is everywhere. Down in the cellar, Daddy Longlegs worries how losing his job as a cobweb spinner will affect his large family's Christmas. But as a tiny, despised creature what can he do to change human affairs? Upstairs, disgruntled charwoman Bessie once dreamed of being a celebrated hat maker. Instead she scrubs her life away with smelly mops and dirty water. Is she somehow responsible for the store's decline? What can she do to help save the store from closing? Told in 7 short chapters, this delightful story makes an easy evening's read or a great bedtime story over several nights. A modern Christmas classic. Perfect for all ages.


Author: Christine Conrad Cazes

Punkin's biggest wish is to become the very best pumpkin on his hidden acre in the eastern orchard of Westorchid. With encouragement from his friends, Punkin is determined to be selected as the finest pumpkin at the Halloween Harvest Fair.

Magic is in the air, as the young pumpkin sits patiently in his beautiful patch, hoping to grow large enough to be selected for the fair. He hears the chirping sounds of birds and learns that their music helps him grow! Sparrow struggles to pronounce his name, calling him Punkin. He blinks in approval at the sound of his new name as other creatures from Westorchid approach him.

Wren, Hare, and Fawn discover Punkin's wish, and with encouraging words from his friends, Punkin's color turns orange and he grows into a very large round pumpkin, just in time for the harvest. But this is just the beginning of his adventure!


Author: Wanda Luthman

Hayley the Halloween Cat and The Search for Bitty the Bat is about two friends preparing to celebrate Halloween only Bitty has gone missing. Hayley asks everyone if they know where her friend is hiding. Pretty soon everyone has joined in the search. But Bitty has a wonderful surprise! Come join in the fun, character-filled hunt with Hayley.


Author: Daniel Williamson

Some friendships are found in the strangest of places. But no matter how different we are, we can be brought together through fate. When the Witchetty Grub discovers the witch casting spells onto the city he senses she simply needs a friend that cares about her and decides to look after her. He washes her face and hair, jumps on her warts, cleans her teeth and sews up her clothes! The Witch adopts a new sense of calm and starts to appreciate the value of having a good friend in her life which stops her casting spells down onto the city. Isn't it remarkable what a new friend can do? Just one thing! Watch out for the cat!!!


Author: Mary Griffith Chalupsky

St. Valentine’s Day makes an appearance once a year, and with it comes all the things Jogger and Joey enjoys most of all. A party with an exchange of valentines, food and fun has been planned. Come join these little fellows as they once again, lead the way into an adventure of their hearts.


Author: Mary Griffith Chalupsky

Jogger’s Birthday Party is the thirteenth book of Jogger’s Adventures. Jogger is excited because he wants to have a birthday. He invites all his friends to come to his house for a party. Each friend has an excuse as to why they can’t attend. Jogger is very sad because he thinks his friends don’t wish to come to his party. He mopes around and decides to just go to bed. Jogger doesn’t know his friends are planning a surprise birthday party, and they show up later with gifts. Mama and Daddy serve delicious food, and they all have a wonderful time. Gifts, birthday cake and friends make it the biggest and best surprise ever.

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