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Judge Not

The supplies I use can be found on Suggestible Items page.

Matthew 7:1-2

These verses are always good to remember. Judging others is all to simple to do. We are reminded here that we will be judged on how we judge others. No, that does not mean we can never judge yet we have to be very careful about how we go about this. In another scripture, Lev 19:15 it states that we can judge in righteousness.  We need to ponder on what righteousness really means. A bishop, stake president, apostle, prophet all judge in righteousness. We just need to remember not to judge as we walk down the street and see someone who doesn't look, act, or dress like ourselves or when a car pulls out in front of you. We do not know what the person is going through, what is on their mind and in their heart or anything else about their situation. This is why we can't judge and this is why we let Christ be the judge as He knows everything the person is going through and feeling. May we all do better in not judging others and loving them instead.

IMG_2049 (1).JPG

With this page I started out by using my watercolor pencils. I used blues and tans to make streak marks and then barely touched it with water. I then printed two windows of the same on white sticky paper. One of the windows I placed on white cardstock and cut it out. The second window I cut out the glass piece of the window and also a clear piece of sticky paper the same size. I placed the clear paper over the verse and then placed the first cut out window over the clear paper and then glued the top of the second (dirty) window over the cut out window. If done right you can then left up the dirty window to see the clean window which shows the scripture verse.

IMG_2053 (1).JPG

I found the gavel and scale on google clipart and printed these out on white sticky paper. The "Judge Not" and the story were printed on white sticky paper. I then took my glaze pen and did the lines around the story and the title. I added washi tape as an accent.  I also added flower stickers and gems to tie everything together.

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