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Family History

The supplies I use can be found on Suggestible Items page.

D&C 128: 13

We learn, we need our ancestors. Family history / Genealogy is very important to them and us. Those who have went Home and did not receive the gospel needs to before they can be allowed in the Celestial Kingdom. The only way this can be done is through ordinances which have to be done on earth, baptism, confirmation, sealing, etc. Our ancestors are counting on us to get their work done. How sad it would be if in the next life we were told that our great grandmother can not be with us because we did not get her work completed? We must get it done!


I love this page. First off, I painted my page with Gesso, in order to prepare it for painting. I covered the verses I'm using with washi tape. I then used watercolor paint, using a yellowish color in order to give it an old fashion look. After the page was dry, I took off the tape and drew my lines around the verse. I printed on white sticky paper the pictures of my ancestors, a "wallpaper" shape, the quote and frames. Some of these stickers, the frames and one of my four ancestors I stuck on cardstock and cut them out. I then added the cardstock frames with the individual pictures. I cut out a brownish rectangle out of cardstock to go under the photo of my four relatives. I used 3d squares under the four relatives, and the frames. I also created a pedigree chart and shrunk it down so it would fit my page. Yes, the pedigree chart is real and of my relatives.  I used a white pen to write my surname on top of the page. Last I added flower stickers to the page.

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