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Behold Ruth

The supplies I use can be found on Suggestible Items page.


Who doesn't love Ruth and her story? There are so many lessons we can learn from Ruth, her loyalty, obedience, love for God. We see her faith as she does what is right.

IMG_2055 (1).JPG

This is a kit I purchased from TheFaithfulheARTshop on Etsy. I printed these out on white sticky paper and for the women and grain I placed on cardstock and cut them out. I painted both pages with clear GESSO and let dry. I then used my watercolor pencils and drew the mountains in blue and the grain in yellows and browns, adding a tiny bit of blue and yellow to the sky. I then used my paint brushes to go over the page to blend things in. Once dried, I used the 3d foam squares on the back of the women and grain of wheat so they stand out. Adding the word strips directly on the page. I feel using watercolors tied in perfectly with the art of the women.

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