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Additional Books: page 15


Author: Cynthia Jensen

Take a peek into the life of a little star as she learns some of life's most valuable lessons. Loving herself and loving those around her. With it’s beautiful and fun illustrations, this magical story teaches us to recognize our own value and the value of others. It’s a perfect gift for children and adults of all ages. Great for baby showers and birthdays. In Cynthia Jensen’s, The Tiniest Little Star, a young star struggles to fit in because she is different. Throughout the story, she learns that even if she’s not very big or bright, her love and kindness can brighten the lives of others. Along her journey, she discovers the importance of always treating others the way she would want to be treated. The Tiniest Little Star has a meaningful and loving message that will last for generations.


Author: Patricia Moore

Brian Bear loves to play basketball. He takes his basketball with him wherever he goes. When Brian’s mom tells him bears sleep all winter, Brian becomes sad. How can he sleep all winter? Will he choose staying awake and playing basketball or being with his mom and dad?

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