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Author: Kathleen Gauer

THE WISH CARVERS is a fun-to-read storybook, based on the adage, "Be careful what you wish for". When two sibling elves, Fay and Eddie, come across a magic knife that will turn whatever they carve into reality, they decide to carve and paint a pot of gold, a large stone cottage and finally a fancy fairytale castle. But with each wish granted comes more and more complications. Can they find a way to return to their old peaceful life?

This enchanting tale, with its whimsical watercolors and lively fairytale characters, will delight young and old alike. Readers and listeners will enjoy predicting what happens next as the story unfolds. They will also find lots of details to enjoy and discover on each page, such as a tail sticking out of a mouse hole, bunny slippers worn by Fay, and a colorful pair of butterflies that flit through the story illustrations. A great addition to storybook collections and the perfect gift for young imaginative readers everywhere!


Author: Anna Lamson

With OUTRAGEOUS imagery and rhyme, this story will spark a new level of imagination with kids when they join this brave pair to save the universe...from what?

It started as your usual, run-of-the-mill party in outer space… until the King of Mars enlisted our fearless duo to save the universe! What will it take to defeat this MONSTROUS creature taking over the galaxy?  An army? A boat full of stars?

A Kung-Fu fighting cat? This beautifully illustrated story is packed full of adventure and is written with the poetic rhythm of Dr. Seuss. The wildly imaginative characters will engage boys and girls from start to finish.

It is perfect for all children 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and up, Pre-K-5th grade. It includes challenging words to help expand a child’s vocabulary and older children will enjoy reading the story on their own.  


Author: Ann Lee

Series of 3 books:

(From Book 1)

Lulu the Tiger is making pancakes today.

She has so much fun scooping, pouring, flipping, and baking. However, she soon realizes she’s made far too many pancakes for her to eat on her own. So Lulu comes up with a tigertastic plan – she’ll throw a pancake party and invite her best friends. Will her friends come to the party and what will they bring?


Author: Zoe Michal

Mission: Protect Bear tells the story of Bear and his three friends, Duck, Deer and Skunk. There are three days left in bear hunting season, and Bear has lost his voice, so he cannot roar to protect himself from the hunters. His three friends rally around Bear to protect him. Each friend uses their own special animal skill to protect bear. It is not until the end of the story that we find out that the third friend is a skunk (and the narrator of the book), who uses his spray to protect Bear. The fun plot and characters make this a very enjoyable story to read.


Author: Zoe Michal

A Human for Huxley is a darling picture book following one dog's search for his own human to adopt. Children will love the dog dictionary in the front of the book to understand exactly what Huxley is saying. For each book sold, $1.00 will be given to Pets with Disabilities located in Prince Frederick, Maryland.


Author: Irene Dolnick

A child can choose to read from a selection of hundreds of children's books but there is only one series for children who love dogs with exciting adventures! If your child finds reading difficult because of their dyslexia or because they are English Language Learners, each book introduces different word families discussed in classrooms with segmented-blended, color coded, pronunciations. The second book improves upon the first with a dictionary at the bottom page for the word being introduced and the pronunciation next to the word instead of underneath it. Both introduce differences in common speech sounds.

Enjoy, they were written for you and your child!


Author: Irene Dolnick

"Whistle! Whistle!" shouts the train whistle to the conductor." All Aboard! All Aboard!" yells the train conductor to the passengers." Drop! Drop!" laughs the luggage to Jazmine." Save some seats! Save some seats!" cries Kurt to Gert." Run and hide! Run and hide!" screams Bagel to Jazmine. Stop those dogs! Stop those dogs! bellows Mr. Natcher. Join Kurt, Gert, Jazmine and Bagel as they face their journey of catching a train to Phoenix in their wild train station adventure! Enjoy, they were written for you and your child!


Author: Irene Dolnick

Beware of Mrs. Tricky's hypnotic spell, avoid Mr. Morton's Halloween Costume Store, and whatever you do don't enter Mrs. Tricky's Candy Shop! Ask Mr. Jack Patch for a ride to the train, but decide to stay for the tricks and treats! Join Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, and Bagel as they explore the hypnotic eye on their Halloween nightmare adventure in Phoenix! Irene Dolnick has four beagles, whose love is the inspiration behind her creativity and who have taught her that dogs are as adventurous as people. Irene lives in El Paso, Texas. a warm climate that allows her to share in the dogs' craziest schemes.


Author: Irene Dolnick

Welcome to Briarwood waves the wagon to them all! My name is Harley! I'm Harley repeated the dark figure to Bagel. Dig Jazmine! Come on dig! It's almost night time says Paw to them all. Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, and Bagel travel into Briarwood, Nevada, established in 1855 population 800. The campfire reignited the story of the gold bone. 


Author: Irene Dolnick

Christmas checklist:
1. Jazmine wondering about her presents and tracking Santa. 
2. Kurt, Gert, Bagel, and Harley coming over to decorate and cook. 
3. Search all over for Santa.
4. Enjoy friends, family, and Santa.
Join Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, and Bagel as they find Santa and a surprise visitor.


Author: Chaty Buckly-Hernandez

Fly High, Delight the Butterfly teaches us about the value of resilience in facing difficulties and adversaries in life. This childrens' book reminds us that we should not stop doing the things that we love, never lose hope and inspire us to soar even higher.


Author: Chaty Buckly-Hernandez

Teaching the virtues of forbearance and hard work,
Be Patient, Little Ladybugs tells the story of a ladybug family in search of their meal.

Along the way, they encounter challenges that would test their resilience in order to gather some food to eat. In a time when there’s easy access to everything in life, this children’s book aims to share morals that are often forgotten. Let your kids learn one of the most important foundations in life:
The value of patience.


Author: Jennifer L. Humphreys

Pumpkins Kitties is an adorable story about the relationship between a little girl and her pet kittens.

When Pumpkins Daddy brings home two cute cuddly kitties she is delighted and starts to play with them like toy dolls. As you can imagine, Pumpkins kitties dont like being treated like toys and begin running away and hiding. After Pumpkin discovers she cant make her kitties play with her, she learns a lesson shell never forget.

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