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Additional Books


Author: Patricia Moore

Tommy and Joshua, are inseparable angels, who love somersaulting through heaven. They are looking forward to announcing the birth of Jesus to the shepherds. Joshua loses a wing and Tommy unselfishly gives one of his wings to Joshua. How will Tommy be able to go announce Jesus' birth since he can't fly? Find out in the picture book, THE ANGEL WITH ONE WING!


Author: Katie Specht

Henry's New Glasses is the heartwarming story of a boy who is anxious about needing to wear glasses and worried about what his friends will think. Thanks to his dad's reassurance and the acceptance of his friends, Henry discovers that change can be a good thing and that true friends will always support you for who you are.


Author: Susan Reynolds

This is a book for children who love animals! Come on an adventure with Nosey Nelly as she discovers new animals at the Zoo. It's a fun and educational book with a rhyming story and vibrant pictures. What is a day at the zoo like with Nosey Nelly?


Author: Susan Reynolds

Come along with Nosey Nelly on her second adventure! On this adventure, Nosey Nelly explores Moore Family Farm to ask the animals what they say. This is a great book to add to your child's collection; teaching them about farm animals and their sounds.

Author: Matthew Moyer

Brothers David and Donald go with their parents to visit their Grandpa. During their visit they have a dilemma when they accidentally break one of his flower pots. How will they solve their problem?See David and Donald work through the decision making process, and explore the possible consequences for their choices.This Social Emotional Learning Story also includes follow up questions for families and educators that foster discussion with children about responsible decision making.


Author: Angela Lindsey

Are you ready for a magical adventure? Starting at a new school is always nerve-wracking, but for Waverly, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime! Quickly, Waverly’s first-day jitters turn into excitement as she discovers magic around every corner.

From brewing potions to flying broomsticks, Waverly learns new skills and works hard to be the very best witch she can be. Along the way, she learns more about who she is and what she is capable of. By the end of the school year, she’ll prove to her parents once and for all that she really is a magical witch, and she’ll learn something surprising about them too.

Waverly the Witch is a children’s picture book aimed at readers aged 3 to 9, but it can be enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike. Fun and fantastical, this is a great story for readers of all ages. Read the book, discuss Waverly’s sense of determination, and see what you can spot in the book’s detailed illustrations!


Author: Sheri Poe-Pape

In this delightful story, Cassie is welcomed to a new home filled with music, but when Mrs. Applebaum doesn't seem to understand what Cassie is saying, or how talented she is, the happy little dog becomes an unhappy little dog. Fortunately, with a good ear and a kind heart, Mrs. Applebaum finds the perfect solution to Cassie s problem, proving once again that music is the universal language.

Author: Sheri Poe-Pape

Cassie Pup sure loves to eat and bake cupcakes. She also loves to be in cupcake bake-offs as well.


Author: Sheri Poe-Pape

Cassie Pup sure loves to tell storybook tales.

Especially those about a ladybug and snake!

But are these tales just about an ordinary ladybug and snake?

And will Lucy the Loony Ladybug get her colors right, and Claiborne the Cha Cha Cobra dance his way to the winner's circle?

Bug and reptile lovers of ALL AGES will find this book very humorous and colorfully illustrated.

Parents will also appreciate the subtle references that promote diversity and competitiveness.

Join Cassie Pup in her third book of the Cassie Pup Series, as she eloquently narrates about the fun, humor and sometimes chaos that occur in the animated bug and reptile world.


Author: Darryl Silver

Poppi the Okapi lives in a zoo, She looks like lots of animals who live there too. On this adventure Poppi discovers that her true self is the most important thing. This interactive adventure takes her all around the town she lives and brings her in contact with lots of different friends who help her realize her sense of self. You know. With rhymes, in a fun way. This book has lots of guessing that with every read the child will feel good about themselves when they are able to answer the questions with each turn of the page. The more the child is read to or reads this book the more they remember the answers thus bringing positive reinforcement to the child.

Author: Coo Brookins

Take a journey with a little boy who is inspired by his brother's unwillingness, to give up....


Author: Vituous Nyamesem Cornwall

Meet Little Doggins, a sweet dog who couldn't find his way back home. Little Doggins loves school but one day something happens. He went to school, but when the school bell rang, Little Doggins was nowhere to be found. This amazing children’s book takes place in a small town called Animalsville where different families lived. Let's see what happens next. Will Little Doggins ever be found? Little Doggins is an adventurous, educational story about the importance of learning about the town you live in and effective communication. A book about communication and safety. The Doggins family are faced with an unpleasant situation in this story, Finding Little Doggins, is well written and illustrated, creates an inspiring piece of genre that helps bring to life a story that teaches parents, teachers and family members the importance of effective communication. Communication helps us to understand each other and without that Little Doggins life would be lost. Learning about the town you live in is very important.. Knowing where the police station is or even the grocery store helps in case someone gets lost or something happens where you need to seek help. Finding Little Doggins stimulates children and adults to discuss and put in place a plan of action in case someone gets lost. Parents who want to help their children to understand the importance of communication will find this story to be the door opener for such a discussion. For kids ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Buy now and get free printable lessons and activities.


Author: Dean and Brenda Giles

A picture book designed to motivate children to put down their devices, get up, be active, and enjoy a world of fun!


Author: Dean and Brenda Giles

Every child dreams of being a superhero and doing super things. If you could choose a superpower, what would that superpower be? What if you found out that you had a superpower all along? What would you do with that superpower?
This book emphasizes the power of each and every one of us. It heralds the virtues of kindness and caring. The rhyming verses tell the story in a simple and uplifting manner. It teaches lessons about smiling and doing what you can to make others around you feel good.
You will be enthralled with the message, the meter, and the illustrations of this delightful book. It will be something fun to read to your child again and again.


Author: Dean, Brenda, and Nathan Giles

A Children’s Book: The Snow Birthday

The Snow Birthday is a children's book that combines the magic of winter snow with the drama of a birthday party. It is a kid's story about birthdays, about friends, and about family. Our favorite girl finds herself wishing for snow as it gets closer to her birthday and the Christmas Holidays. When the snow finally appears, she works with her family to put together the perfect "snow birthday party." Tag along as the invitations go out, and the party guests enjoy activities and surprises that will delight children of all ages. Read with us as guests and family enjoy winter sports and indoor games.

A Children’s Picture Book About Friendship

The Snow Birthday is written for early readers age 4-8, but it is more than just a picture book, it is an adventure that they will enjoy reading over and over again. It has just the right mix of pictures and text to help children step into reading. Fun winter activities make up The Snow Birthday celebration. The fun and festivities involve the whole family and end with some surprise special guests.

A Children’s Book About Family

This children's book was created as a family project, it portrays good family values and good wholesome activities. When our children were young, we enjoyed our time reading children's stories together with them. Works by Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendak, and Beatix Potter made frequent visits from the library to our home. Over time, we came to realize that we were indeed "book people", and wanted to share the joy of reading and of children’s stories in particular with others. We hope you enjoy our book, toddlers, children, and the child in each of us.


Author: Dean and Brenda Giles

Little Baby! A picture book, to be read to children, that brings to life the dazzling moments that parents look forward to from a baby’s birth through that first year of life. Forward: All of the work, the struggles, and the joys of parenthood are brought to a pinnacle at the birth of a grandchild. The following are brief snapshots of how a grandparent sees a grandchild coming into the world. I hope this helps all those that read this story to see the experiences from this particular perspective of happiness!


Author: Dean and Brenda Giles

When ever a new baby comes into a family, a little piece of Heaven comes with her. This children’s book, with beautiful rhyming verses, reveal the cute and wonderful things that babies, that are becoming toddlers, do. It is a snapshot of the memorable stages that they pass through on their way to becoming a child. Sit back and enjoy those blissful days along with your child. Babies and children love seeing the images of other babies and children doing fun things.

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