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Author: Nirdesha Manasinghe

How do we get a Christmas tree without cutting down a happy little pine?

Little Pine is happy as can be in a beautiful green valley. But everything changes when a man comes in search of a Christmas tree. What will happen when she is taken away?

The man and his son love their new Christmas pine tree. But the man forgets something until the big old trees in the valley send him a silent reminder that he will never forget.

This beautifully illustrated rhyming book helps young readers understand what a true gift nature is. The man and his son learn to build a greener Earth, one little pine at a time.


Author: Nirdesha Manasinghe

How important is a little dot?

In Toby’s Book of Shapes, little Dot doesn’t fit in. He’s not cool like Boy-square or have wonderful skills like Girl-circle. He’s just a little dot. Or is he? Two friends visit the Book of Shapes and remind Dot how important a dot can be. MORE THAN JUST A DOT encourages self-confidence and introduces a fun way to learn shapes and punctuation. Ages 3-7.


Author: Katie Specht

Oliver and Blue Bear share a special bond. Oliver doesn't go anywhere without him. One day, Blue Bear is nowhere to be found. With his first day of school quickly approaching, what will Oliver do without his best friend by his side? A picture book for children, Where is Blue Bear? shares a heartwarming story of a young boy whose beloved lovey goes missing. Any parent understands the importance of a child attaching feelings of security to a lovey. This uplifting story of a boy's attachment to his favorite lovey is explored through a child's eyes.


Author: Serena Ferrari

Nelson, once the clumsiest seal in the sea, is always needing his friends to get him out of trouble. When his friends are trapped, can Nelson find bravery inside himself and save the day? 

Follow his journey in this modern fairytale to find out.

Poor Clumsy Nelson, he’s always stumbling, bumping or crashing in the plastic polluted sea. We all have times where we feel uncomfortable about who we are. Being clumsy isn’t always easy.

Nelson is a master in getting into trouble. But when a terrible danger captures his friends, Nelson discovers he can DO IT.

Clumsy Nelson is a message of positive self-esteem, courage, perseverance, and friendship for any child who has trouble finding the hero inside.

Clumsy Nelson is also a fun and engaging adventure into environmental awareness, published by Save the Planet Books.


“An inspiring and beautifully illustrated picture book that teaches kids about courage and determination.” - Kate Lobs, teacher.

A story that inspires kids of all ages to never give up and empowers them to find the hero inside.


Author: Y.Y. Chan

Renee keeps a diary after she finds out her daddy is sick with cancer. She even starts praying and asking God to make him better. But, what if he doesn’t get any better? She is worried that she won’t be able to talk to her daddy after he has gone, but her daddy encourages her to keep talking to him, no matter what.


Author: Karen Pessoa

A charming book about a Giraffe named Cam and his emotional journey of losing his beloved sneakers. Will Cam ever find his cherished sneakers?


Author: Robbin Miller

During a summer family picnic in 1974, Robbin observes a little league game being played in a nearby baseball field. Seeing how much fun the game was, and watching the fans cheer for their teams, Robbin asked her dad to teach her to play baseball. As she practiced, over time, Robbin learned that girls were not allowed to play little league baseball with boys. Refusing to give up her dream, Robbin was excited to learn about a famous court case that ruled that same year, that girls were to be allowed to play little league with boys. The long-standing barrier was finally lifted, and Robbin signed up to play in 1975.A brave and determined Robbin strutted her stuff and showed her community that she could play ball just as well as the boys, on any baseball diamond. Despite encountering jeers, boos, and name-calling from the stands and from the boys, Robbin exceled on the field and played with her head held high for the love of the game.


Author: Robbin Miller

Woody and his owners start out on a wonderful vacation, but a twist of fate leaves Woody behind and his family moves on without him.   A wonderful lady rescues him.

Another family in Massachusetts are looking for a new dog to add to their family.  When the two meet and Woody meets EJ, it is magic!  Woody will never have to worry again about being loved.


Author: Robbin Miller

Max and his two best friends can't wait to play together in their new community playground. The ribbon is cut and Max's wheelchair gets stuck in the wood flooring. Feeling shame and humiliation, he struggles to find a way to fit in despite being bullied by two boys in the playground. Will Max find a way to fit in?


Author: Robbin Miller

EJ meets a new friend, Lewis, in a weekly playgroup who is crying and clinging to his mother. EJ runs over with a big smile on his face to show Lewis how much fun playgroup can be through adventure and a few itty bitty mishaps to make new friends.

christopher-carey -theadventuresofpeggys

Author: Christopher Carey

Book author, Christopher Carey, is familiar with how precocious kids can be. Loosely based on his own wild-haired daughter, aptly nicknamed "Li'l Mamas", Christopher Carey was inspired to create Peggy Spaghetti based on his own experience as a single father of two. Join us on her many adventures as we learn about respecting ourselves, each other, and the world around us.


Author: Christopher Carey

"Chubby Duck, Chubby Duck, you eat and eat until you're stuffed!" Frank Featherfeet was a happy little duckling, always looking on the bright side of things. Even with his happy attitude, the hardest thing for Frank seemed to be making friends. When the other ducklings won't let Frank join their kickball game, how will he learn that he is just as good as everyone else?

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