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Author: M.L Scone

Who could possibly know the elves, the reindeer, Mrs. Claus and all her flaws, and who's been naughty or nice? I think you know. Who better to tell you Santa is Real than Santa himself. I Know Santa is Real is a gently rhyming Christmas tale for early readers, ESL students, SPED stars, and everyone else who believes in Santa ( p.s. the non-believers can enjoy it too!) This short, easy to read picture book will spark your Christmas spirit and keep your readers engaged from cover to cover. Teachers: Read it to your students as part of a holiday class lesson or have your readers sound out the words and discover the “true author” of I Know Santa is Real themselves!Parents: Your child will feel accomplished and proud after reading each “I Know...” sentence. Bonus color-in images of Santa and the elves at the end of the book! Gift Givers: This is a great holiday stocking stuffer or an excellent year-round book for anyone learning to read and for anyone, child or adult, who decides to say “I Know Santa isn’t real!”


Author: Michael Ross

What is a face mask? is more than a book.

It is an educational book, not just for children, but also for adults. Arnie explains to Mia what a face mask is and how we can use them. Children will also learn, not only what the purpose of a face mask is, but also what viruses and bacteria are, and how we can protect ourselves from becoming infected. Together we can learn how to protect and care for ourselves and for others.


Author: Amy Shook

This story is sure to bring plenty of laughs and giggles. Smokey is a young dragon who learns about patience, practice, and hard work as he finds his fire power.


Author: David Alan

"Introducing T-Rextra!" brings you into the world of the sassiest, funniest, sweetest little T-Rex you'd ever want to meet! Join Trex ("pronounced like tray because it's fancier"), friends and family on their adventures, fun and learning about life. It’s all about loving yourself, kindness, empathy, selflessness and accepting others as they are. And there are lots of cute dinosaurs! Everything's a little better with extra - T-Rextra!


Author: Mary William

Magda and Anna teach children to grow healthy foods. But then the COVID19 sickness comes and the children can't go to school to get the healthy food. Can Magda and Anna come up with a plan in time to help the children?**All proceeds to a nonprofit that creates collaborations among public schools, higher education and businesses to empower underserved families in organic and non GMO gardening, nutritious cooking and healthy eating.**


Author: Talented Tinies

Fully Packed Jumbo 200 Page Kids Educational and Activity Books

Download Additional Bonus FREE Content with this Purchase! Kids workbooks are a series of 3 different workbooks designed to equip little ones with vitally necessary skills during early child development. These books cover a range of important skills necessary, including shape recognition and awareness, number learning and writing, alphabet and basic word writing practice and recognition thereof, basic math concepts, English for kindergarten, and a fun section of mazes, dot-to-dot and multiple activities to promote hand-eye co-ordination, as well as improve your child's cognitive thought processes. This is a jumbo all-in-one series of books that are sure to promote your little genius's overall learning and development skills.

Here's some of what you'll find in this book...

  • Alphabet tracing and practice

  • Number tracing, practice and basic maths concepts

  • Shape tracing, practice and recognition

  • English for Kindergarten

  • Fun animal dot-to-dot for strengthening hand-eye co-ordination

  • A variety of mazes to help kids boost their problem-solving skills

  • Matching objects vital in early child development for classification of objects

  • A variety of short fun activities that helps improve handwriting skills, as well as learn how much pressure to apply to the paper

  • Plus much, much more!

Scroll up and either download your copy today to print yourself or purchase the paperback available at the best possible price! Upon purchasing this book- you will also receive a link to the exclusive website where there are more skills practicing documents that are FREE to download for your little one to grow even further!

At the end of the books are special awards of completion specific to that learning area covered that you can add your child's name on - regular recognition is vital as it motivates children to persevere

Be sure to check out the other books in this series!


Author: Jane McGee

Five friendly spiders live in Mr Arbuthnot's shed, AJ, Clay, Marley, Mirabelle and Orson. Join them in their adventures as you read the collection of short stories . There are also Halloween and Christmas themed activities.


Author: Sophie K Garner

The ability of children to express themselves creatively is a vital part of growing up. Its benefits go far beyond having fun which is an added bonus for any child! creative expression provides an opportunity for self-learning, helping to develop social skills and resilience. Children have to navigate their way through many emotions, moods and experiences on a daily basis.

The Creative Songwriting Journal for 7-12-year-olds, was developed specifically to:

  • Build confidence

  • Encourage self-expression

  • Celebrate creativity

This unique and colourful journal is filled with creative exercises, quotes and inspiring activities. All providing a positive and empowering tool kit for children to process their own unique thoughts and feelings through songwriting, giving them a skill set to use long after finishing the journal

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