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Author: Daniel Williamson

It’s a classic poodunnit! But when living with 17 pets it’s hard to know who the culprit is! Luckily Mr. Maboo is a level-headed, rational man who will just calmly talk to……Oh no, no…...he’s just blaming them now, one by one, he’s pointing his finger quite a bit……and they’re passing the blame……and blaming each other…..Oh my! Now they’re laughing at him…Is he supposed to go that red? I don’t think he’s blushing. I mean honestly, there really is nothing worse than finding a poo in one of your shoes! Is there?


Author: Lillie Sloan

5-star reviewed early reader chapter book, Winifred Rose Armstrong: IT Happened brings the story of spunky five-year-old Winifred Rose, Freddie for short. She loves purple, would be too excited to have a dog, and sings as loud as she can. She loves "girl time' with her mommy and reading bedtime stories with her daddy. Then she finds out about IT and she is sure that her world is never going to be the same. Freddie doesn't want her world to change, she likes it the way it is. What will she do when IT is actually here?


Author: Lynette Koch

Z the Zebra is a story about a zebra who is born with no stripes but with rainbow polka dots that light up different colors depending on his mood. He is not sure that he likes being different and is searching for a purpose for these unique polka dots and a reason why God created him this way. He finds he can be a bright light in his community and help to his family and friends when the world goes dark or a light is needed. We can all choose to be a light in this world, use whatever gifts you have been given. Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16


Author: Bharati Guntury

Richa is excited to visit her grandma at the beautiful village. But she is not aware of the magical adventure that awaits her in the woods. A missing boy... and a missing fairy ! Will Richa be able to solve the mystery? Who are the flonaries? Read this enchanting story to know what she discovers while trying to help others.



Author: Bharati Guntury

The flonaries are back! This time, in the heart of the city; outside their comfort zone in the woods. They are tracking the Flonasian objects - a magical ring, a magical paint brush! Are these lost or stolen? What is the hidden danger? Read this mysterious and magical adventure to find out...


Author: Lini Fernandez

Once we step out of our house, we realize that everyone is different in some ways or the other. So unless we live like the proverbial frog, who has never ventured out of its well, it’s natural for everyone to meet people of different race, language, color, talents &abilities.
Instead of being intimidated by these differences one should venture out confidently to make friends. To be different is not bad. To be ‘bad’ is bad. The story emphasizes this point.
Written to build confidence and empower little children to appreciate good things of life.


Author: Susana Basanty

A family struggles and copes with COVID-19, sheltering in place. Their unique approach teaches them how to help each other and others.


Author: Susana Basanty

Avi, a curious young girl, has an adventurous day with her Grandma and discovers something special in a supermarket. An inspiring story involving three generations - a Grandmother, a Mother, and Avi.


Author: Joan Grant

Learning the alphabet should be an enjoyable experience for you and your little one.

Does your toddler love animals?

Little Liam’s Alphabet book is a fun way for babies and toddlers to learn their ABCs, while introducing them to amazing animals. 


Follow Little Liam on his adventures and teach your toddler the different names of animals, cute baby animals, and enjoy some cool fun facts! 

Author: J.L. Humphreys

Sweet Pea wont eat the fruits and vegetables from Papas garden.


That is, until she finds out theyre SUPER foods.


Join Sweet Pea as she discovers how these SUPER fruits & vegetables make her a SUPER kid.

Author: J.L. Humphreys

Do you know a child that struggles with reading and learning the alphabet? Do you wish your child would sit with you and enjoy reading? Learning to read starts early and you can instill a love for reading now! Chocolate Cake for Breakfast introduces children to the alphabet through the wild imagination of a little girl envisioning herself as different animals eating tasty treats. Your child will have fun and laugh out loud at the silly animals while learning the alphabet.

Author: Linda Matesa

Who said grandmothers are old and boring? Granny Nelly is the funniest Granny in the whole world. Why is that so? Granny Nelly always gets into some fun trouble. Fortunately, a loving grandson is by her side - things always turn out well. Are you, as a parent, struggling to put your toddler to bed? Ask help Granny Nelly through this wonderful picture book! For Granny Nelly, challenges are a trifle! "A Day with Granny Nelly" is a heartfelt and humorous BEDTIME story (for ages 0-6) about an unbreakable bond between a GRANDMOTHER and her GRANDSON.

Author: Kristen Socha

The girls are excited to go back to school, but this year will be different! Since the COVID-19 pandemic there are a lot of new rules at school including handwashing, wearing a face mask and social distancing. With a little encouragement from their parents, watch how the girls except all these changes, keep a positive attitude and make the transition back to school a success! This is a light-hearted picture book that addresses all the changes the kids will face going back to school. This book is great tool for parents and teachers to introduce the new school environment and start a conversation with their kids. This book emphasizes the importance of accepting all the changes with a positive attitude to make the transition back to school an easy one.

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