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Counting Blessings

The supplies I use can be found on Suggestible Items page.

D&C 19: 26, 38

We need to always remember all the blessings we have been given. When we are feeling sad, lonely, or depressed. We need to sit down and write all of our blessings down so we can read them over and over again and give thanks to Father for them. As the quote goes, "God's blessing ARE greater than the treasures of the Earth."


This is a kit from Worthy Written Words. With these kits I let you see how they are done on their website. With this one I did love the colors of the crystals and decided to have my background as such using the colors, red, blue, green and purple. I used my chalk colors and since I don't have a brush to use I used cotton balls to dab the chalk on with. Afterwards I would us aerosol hairspray to spray on the page and seal in the chalk.

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