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March's Featured Author:

Sheri Poe-Pape


Book Titles: Cassie’s Marvelous Music Lessons, Cassie Pup Takes the Cake?? Cassie Pup’s Favorite Ladybug and Snake Stories.





State/Country: Illinois, USA

LB: How did you start writing?

       FA:  I did as a child, but got serious with it back in 2007.


LB: How did you decide to write children’s books?

      FA: I just felt this was the genre that was meant for me.



LB: Do you write other Gene?

      FA: No



LB: How long have you been writing?

      FA: Fourteen Years



LB: Who is your inspiration?

      FA: Hans Christian Anderson



LB: What are some of your hobbies?

      FA: Writing, reading, baking, shopping, day trips



LB: What is your favorite food?

       FA: Sothern Fried Chicken

LB: What’s your favorite color?

      FA:  Blue



LB: What goal do you have as an author?

       FA:  To continue to write children’s books and produce quality books that reach both the Christian and secular fields.


LB: Which book is your favorite that you have written and why?

      FA:    I like all because our white miniature schnauzer inspired all the books, but I like the last one because of doing it in a rhyming fashion.



LB: Do you plan on writing any more books?

      FA:  Yes

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