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Author: Wanda Luthman

A modern fairy tale of a young Princess with too much responsibility and not enough freedom. She is an only child to an elderly King and Queen of a Kingdom in turmoil. Upon her rests the responsibility to rescue her Kingdom one day, but for now, she is held within the castle walls for her safety. She longs to go outside just for a moment, to smell the sweet lilacs growing in the meadow. Come along on her adventure when she dares to escape the castle walls and meets a cursed dragon. Little does she know that while the dragon has an evil plan, her sweet spirit may just unravel it.


Author: Wanda Luthman

A Turtle's Magical Adventure is a charming, heart-warming story of a turtle who doesn’t like his shell because it makes him too slow. Tad asks other slow animals if they also mind being slow. Each one gives an answer that helps Tad feel better, but, still he wants to be fast. He happens upon a snake who tells him there is a wizard that can make him fast. He goes on an adventure into The Magical Timberwood Forest to meet the wizard and hopefully get his wish fulfilled. He encounters delightful, magical creatures along the way but also meets with danger and choices. Will Tad get his wish or will the wizard turn him into turtle soup?


Author: Wanda Luthman

Gloria and the Unicorn is a story that will delight you as well as pull on your heart strings as Gloria struggles with her facial disfigurement and wanting to fit in. Gloria’s mother died at birth and her father gave her to Miss Libby, the owner of a children’s home. Miss Libby loves the little girl and feels protective of her. But, it’s not until Sir Louie, the unicorn, shows up that Gloria starts to believe in herself. She has a conflict at school and never wants to go back and then she finds herself in an even worse situation; she encounters the evil Wizards of Malcadore who want to kill her. She must decide if she will face her fear of certain death to save her friend, Sir Louie, or lose him forever. Come along on Gloria’s marvelous journey with Sir Louie.


Author: Wanda Luthman

Young kids love Franky in the award-winning picture book Franky the Finicky Flamingo!
Franky is a beautifully colored pink flamingo but, he doesn't know the right food to eat. He tries food that other birds like but he doesn't enjoy any of them. Then, the unthinkable happens. His adored pink color begins to fade. What will Franky do now? Find out in Franky the Finicky Flamingo.


Author: Wanda Luthman

Franky the Thirsty Flamingo is about a flamingo who is searching for something to drink. He searches different places but when he finally finds what should be a beautiful pond, it is full of litter. Come on Franky's journey as he searches for his favorite drink and help save our planet.


Author: Wanda Luthman

Franky was a finicky dude, until he found his favorite pink food. He then went in search for his favorite drink and wondered if it would also be pink. Now he's back and he's here to say, "Being yourself is always okay!" An anti-bullying picture book.


Author: Wanda Luthman

Franky is back with his 4th book in the Franky the Flamingo series. Franky the Fearless Flamingo rescues the helpless wherever he does go. In this tale of strength and compassion, a mean crab owes a debt as his ration. The little sea turtle that he hurt, he later helps with kindness, his new passion.

The crab learned to use his strength for good to help someone in need, just because he could. Franky the Fearless Flamingo is a hero for helping a mean crab learn the important lesson of empathy.


Author: Wanda Luthman

Little Birdie Grows Up is a picture book about a fuzzy little blue bird who yearns to fly up in the big blue sky. His Mama encourages him and he tries his best. He is charming and sweet and the illustrations are delightful.


Author: Wanda Luthman

Hayley the Halloween Cat and The Search for Bitty the Bat is about two friends preparing to celebrate Halloween only Bitty has gone missing. Hayley asks everyone if they know where her friend is hiding. Pretty soon everyone has joined in the search. But Bitty has a wonderful surprise! Come join in the fun, character-filled hunt with Hayley.


Author: Wanda Luthman

Sophia the Christmas Eve Snow Bunny & The Real Gift is about a little white snow bunny who knows what it's like not to have parents at Christmas time and to not have any presents to open. Santa enlists her help to deliver presents to other orphaned animals this year. Come on her journey as she discovers the real gift of Christmas.


Author: Clara Torres Jamison

Camila is trying to have fun, but the rain is messing everything up! She tries to play with her family and friends, but it doesn't quite work out. Will she able to shoo the rain away, be able to play with everyone or have a good day today?

Camila & The Rain is a story about a little girl who learns that through independent thinking, self-awareness, imagination, thinking outside the box, and resiliency any rainy day is a fun day, and encourage others to spend time with one another, play together, and have fun!

The themes explored in this story are: 
-social and emotional learning

-independent and flexible thinking

-imaginative play

-growth mindset

-positive attitude

-influence & motivation

-positive family time

It is a story to read out loud, enjoy and discuss amongst everyone in the family. 

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