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For One

The supplies I use can be found on Suggestible Items page.

D&C 20: 77, 79

These verses are the Sacrament prayers. We hear these verses repeated every week yet do we really think and ponder on what they really mean? I love how the sacrament / atonement is also for just ONE. If you were the only one on earth, would Christ come down and die on the cross for you? You bet He would. He would go through all that pain and anguish just for YOU. Why you ask? Because he Loves you!


I love this talk which was in the Dec 2015 Ensign by Catherine Arveseth. She talks about that Sunday and how the chapel and gym were filled with people. During the passing of the Sacrament they ran out of the water just as it got to her husband. The Bishop asked if anyone did not receive the water and a group of people raised their hands. They blessed and passed the water to those who did not receive it the first time. Again, her husband did not receive the water as they ran out. The bishop then asked again and he raised his hand, being the only one. Those priesthood holders blessed the water again, just for ONE, as one is just as important as a whole group. This talk is worth reading.

IMG_2066 (1).JPG

The picture of the man, woman and Christ, I got off of google. Remember I am using this for personal use and am not selling any of these. I printed this on white sticky paper. I have a blue circle, which was trimmed off to fit the page behind the picture. I used the same blue paper for the top of the page, adding sticky letters on top to spell, For One. I printed out part of the story on white sticky paper and placed it on the blue paper behind, adhering this page with washi tape to my scriptures. I then made the dots on the page using my glazed blue pen. I added the sacrament table last which is a slider.


The sacrament table is made with brown construction paper, then taking dark and light brown chalk over it. The cloth is cut out of white cardstock and then using gray chalk to make the shadows. Sacrament trays are printed on white sticky paper, which were taken from google clipart. The sacrament table is a slider, which I learned how to make them by watching this YouTube video. The bookmark, is a clipart from google. I traced it on a Shrinky Dink sheet, colored it with color pencils and then melted it down according to the instructions on the package. I then added the paperclip to it using hot glue.

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