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Ministry Sisters

The supplies I use can be found on Suggestible Items page.

Matthew 20: 26-28

Most of us are asked to become ministry brothers or sisters. We are to love and watch over each other. Who, but the Savior is such a great example of this. During his time on earth Christ serve others. He did not expect others to serve Him. He was not below helping those who can't help themselves. If someone dropped a basket of fruit, He would be the first one over there helping pick the fruit up. We need to remember to serve our families or sisters we are over yet don't stop there, we need to serve all those who we come in contact with. We are Christ hands and we need to make sure His hands are available to all, at all time.


With this page I used the colors orange, red and yellow chalk for my background colors. I cut out a paper heart that would fit the scripture verses and taped it on. I then took my cotton ball and dabbed my colors onto the page. Afterwards I took the paper heart off and with a yellow glaze pen drew around the heart, underlining what I felt was important. I then printed out pictures from google clipart on white sticky paper. The pictures of Christ I placed on yellow cardstock I cut out and attached with 3d foam squares so they stand out and the rest I pealed off and stuck on the page. Besides the pictures of Christ, I really like the background colors.

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