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Rescue Me

The supplies I use can be found on Suggestible Items page.

Matthew 14: 23 -​ 33

I love this story about Christ walking on water and Peter took no thought of it and went out to greet Him. It was going good until it dawn on Peter what he was doing and then he sank into the sea. Of course Christ rescued Peter. How often do we step out on a limb, having faith and then the world hits us and we are left wondering what we are doing or if we can do what we were doing? We need to have more faith in Christ and know that if we fall He will rescue us.


Great kit from WorthyWrittenWords. Don't forget, even though these are kits, use your own imagination. With the background, they used ink on their background yet I did not have any and I used chalk instead. Remember this is all about you and your journal should reflect that.

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