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Study It

The supplies I use can be found on Suggestible Items page.

D&C 9: 8-9

Have you ever wanted to know how you can receive answers to your prayers? Again, answers are in the scriptures. We need to study it out, do pros and cons, etc. Once we decided what we want to do, THEN we ask Father if our decision is right. He loves us yet He is not going to make all of our decisions for us. With anything, we need to do all we can and then after we do that, Father will step in. What a great blessing He is to us!


This was a fun page to put together. All the pictures are cliparts. The shelf was printed on white sticky paper, which is becoming my favorite paper to use. I had to piece two shelves together as using just one was not long enough. The cap and books were printed on cardstock and a 3d foam square was used to attach it to the page. The scroll is just a piece of paper rolled up with the ribbon, also printed on white sticky paper, over it. My favorite, the bookmarker. This bookmarker is a real book. I used cardstock to print out the cover.  I then placed clear sticky paper over the cover so it gives it a glossy shine. After that I take paper, the same size as the cover and fold them in half, gluing them as I stack them one on top of another and attach the cover with glue. After it all dries you will probably have to trim the pages down. When folding your book cover you need to make sure you make the binding the width you would like, so if you have back and front cover, each being 1", you might have your binding (the middle of the book) 1/8". Does that make sense? Hopefully I will do a tutorial soon on making these books as they are cute.

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