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Move Mountains

The supplies I use can be found on Suggestible Items page.

Matthew 17:20

With this verse I decided to focus on Moving Mountains. Often we forget that with God's help we can do anything. That does not mean at any time we ask Father that he will give us what we asked for. He knows what we need and we need to have faith in His decisions.


Here we have a lime green cardstock. I used lime and emerald green chalk for the meadow. The flowers are made by using yellow and white pens. The sky is also from chalk, using light and dark blue with white to make the clouds. Printed on white sticker paper was the words "With God All Things Are Possible"  using a cloud font. On the white sticker paper is also printed the quote. I used blue chalk around the edges and the shovel I found on Google, which is also printed out on white sticky paper. The mountain I found on google clipart and cut it in half. This is printed on cardstock.

This page is a slider and when you part the mountain it reveals the verse I highlighted. You can find out how to make a slider with this YouTube tutorial that I watched. How to make a card slider.

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