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Dirty Clothes

The supplies I use can be found on Suggestible Items page.

Alma 9: 21

Our garments are to be wash white and must be purified. What a great scripture! Often we take things a little too lightly. I go to church, do my church callings, read the scriptures, etc, etc. Yet how often do we not think of the so called "little" things in our lives? Going to the store on Sunday, going a little too fast down the road, lying to our boss that we are sick when we really just wanted a day off to play. You know the "little" things. By doing these "little" things are our garments pure? We might have washed our garments white yet did we make them pure? Being human, we can't do anything perfect and this is where the Savior steps in to purify our garments yet we have to do ALL we can to keep them white and ready for Him to purify them or US!

IMG_2056 (1).JPG

This was a fun page to design. The first thing I did was paint the page with clear GESSO, which preps your page for painting. I cover the scripture verse with washi tape so it does not get covered with paint. I then used watercolors to paint the sky, using blues and then adding in white for the clouds. After I painted the grass, using greens of different shades. I printed the clothes, laundry basket and post on white cardstock. The quote and words on top, "Do not wash your dirty clothes in public." was done on white sticky paper. For the laundry basket and the post I printed on cardstock and then used some 3D pop squares to put on the back so they are raised off the page. The clothes are printed on cardstock. I used thin twine and glued it under the post and then made a small knot and glued that on top of the post, this way it looks like the twine is attacked to the post. Then I just pinned the clothes on the clothesline. The clothes pins I purchased at Michaels. I glued a flower on a paperclip for a bookmark.

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