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Author: Lauren Grabois Fischer

This book is a reminder that our differences make us stand out in a crowd and give us purpose in our lives. With confidence, positivity, and acceptance, we can create a world full of happy and kind people. You are one of a kind. Be proud of who you are and let the world see the real you. Set goals for yourself, be confident in your interests, be proud of others successes, reach for the stars, and see the good in the world around you.


Author: Lauren Grabois Fischer

The second book in The Be Books series... A real superhero is someone that makes kind choices, is respectful to themselves and others, and adds positivity to the world around them. "You Are A Superhero" is a wonderful book that empowers its young readers to go out and make a positive change in this world. It reminds you to recycle, use kind words and kind actions, and be the best YOU that you can be. If you treat others with respect and love... You are a REAL superhero!


Author: Lauren Grabois Fischer

The third book in The Be Books series... "Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots" will empower you to love your differences and will help you realize that you are beautiful just as you are. Our differences make us special and we should be proud of ourselves. This book is a silly way to see that we can be different and wonderful just as we are.


Author: Lauren Grebois Fischer

The fourth book in The Be Books series... "Love Grows Love" is a simple reminder that what we extend to others, others give us in return. The world is a reflection of our actions, thoughts and beliefs. Put greatness into the world and watch as it comes back to you.


Author: Lauren Grebois Fischer

The fifth book in The Be Books series... "The Light Within Me" is an inspirational children's book that empowers children to find the light within themselves and use that light to make a positive change in the world. Through kindness and acceptance, we can make this world a more peaceful place. We all have that special power within and it is up to us to use it for the good.


Author: Lauren Grebois Fischer

A wonderful children's book about life and seeing the world through your own eyes. We can choose what we want to write on the pages on our unwritten story. With purpose, courage, gratitude, positivity, and love; anything is possible. Age is just a number. Gratitude is a choice. Peace is something that we build from within. Happiness can be created. Love is what makes everything worthwhile. May you live your life with meaning and enjoy the journey.

Author: Lauren Grebois Fischer

Have you ever felt different? This book will remind you why you are perfect just as you are. Be confident and be you! This is the beautiful story of a very special zebra born at the zoo. Follow along as his mom has mixed emotions about her baby having spots instead of stripes. She eventually realizes that his differences are what will make him stand out in the crowds.


Author: Judith M. Ackerman


Discover what an unhappy wizard learns after he casts his wicked spells and the MAGICAL SURPRISE that occurs!

This is a delightful story and the children are amazed  and mesmerized at what transpires and the lesson we all will learn in life!


Author: Judith M. Ackerman

The Fishermen and the Mermaids Do you believe in mermaids? The fishermen certainly do. They hear them gently calling in the middle of the night and watch them frolic with the dolphin during the day. But, it isn't until a horrible storm arises that threatens the fishermen's lives, when they experience the magical reality of their existence. Yet, no one else believes they exist, causing the fishermen to wonder, "Do the mermaids only appear to the fishermen of the sea?"

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