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Three Witnesses

The supplies I use can be found on Suggestible Items page.

2 Nephi 27:12

I love how way before the time, Father placed in a book information about the Three Witnesses. Sure I could of done this page in the Doctrine and Covenants yet I love reading about the Three Witnesses in the Book of Mormon. Why did Father want to place this information in this set of scriptures? If He placed this information in two sets of scriptures, which are hundreds of years apart from each other, I would think it's pretty important. Most times those things which are of great importance are mentioned more than once.


Prepped pages with clear GESSO. After it was dried I used washi tape to place over the scripture verse I wanted to highlight. I then used my watercolor paints to paint these pages gold. I created an arch way in Word and printed that out on cardstock, If I could do this over again, I would print it out on white cardstock and then use my paint to color the arches  gold. I found these wonderful cliparts of the Three witnesses and the golden plates and printed them on cardstock. The testimony and title were printed on white sticky paper. Now the time to assemble it all together. Both the witnesses' portraits and the plates are attached with the 3d foam squares. The title and testimony was stuck on the boarders of the page and then I used my gold metallic pen to make the accents on the page. The arches I attached with double sided tape, placed it on one side of the book and then closed the book and if everything works right, when I open the book up the arches should be in the right place so they pop up. It did take a couple of tries to place them just right. The gold plate bookmark is from Worthy Written Words.

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