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Author: Daniel Williamson

What’s wrong with being different? Does looking different make us feel different inside? Everybody knows that T-Rexes are born with tiny little claws. But from the moment the T-Rex twins are born, with their super long arms, all the other dinosaurs laughed at them, teased them and wouldn’t play with them. Then, something quite magical happens. At their lowest point, the T-Rex Twins comfort each other and by doing so, invent the world’s first hug. From this moment on, the twins realise that what they thought was their biggest flaw is actually their greatest strength. As others approach them with their problems, it turns out that some can only be solved by dinosaurs with super long arms. And everyone they help gets a brand new dino-hug along the way. But what will become of the T-Rex Twins once word gets out about their new discovery?


Author: Daniel Williamson

Why bee like everybody else? Why can't a bee make Jam? Don't you think it's funny that the bees make the honey and the honey makes the money for the Old Queen Bee? Bees Terry and Sam decide to go rogue and hatch a plan the likes of which the hive has never seen! It's quite simple really! Don't get caught! Don't get arrested! Don't get taken to Old Queen Bee! Don't make her mad! Certainly don't do all four!!!Is this the start of a Beevolution? The truth is in the tasting! Children will adore the cute characters in this rhyming picture book that take them on a journey through the beehive about daring to be different and going against the flow! Parents will notice comical synonyms with a society that wants to keep everything the same from top to bottom. Who does the Old Queen Bee remind you of? Will Worker Bee One really punish Terry and Sam for daring to make jam? With a place in the hive at risk, the perfect jam can be the only reward!But if The Old Queen Bee actually likes the jam, that couldn't make things worse? Could it?


Author: Daniel Williamson

This new, bi-lingual picture book is the perfect story for young children to learn the basics of the Brazilian Portuguese language. Colourful, fun and educational! MO has a confident spirit and a new thirst for knowledge. He wants to learn Brazilian Portuguese to make more friends! Being small he starts at the beginning, learning about essentials like greeting people, counting to 10 and how to say his name! As we follow Mo’s character and the other children through the story we discover more of the basics of the Brazilian Portuguese language including subjects such as: Talking about Age Likes and Dislikes Games and Playtime Colours of the Rainbow Different Pets Bedtime Routine On every page the text is printed in both English and Brazilian Portuguese so that parents or whoever reads the story can read to the child in both languages. Adults (or the readers) are provided with the perfect, fun and colourful platform to allow the child to repeat the Brazilian Portuguese language back and practice learning the words and pronunciation at ground level with the aid of playful images. Whether a bi-lingual parent or just keen to teach a child a new language, this book is the perfect stepping stone to begin their Brazilian Portuguese education! Disclaimer: As this item is designed as a children's picture book it contains large, colourful images and therefore is better suited to paperback and ebook formats. It is available in kindle format but please be aware that books in this series won't be viewable in colour on certain devices and the text size may appear small to some readers.


Author: Daniel Williamson

Some friendships are found in the strangest of places. But no matter how different we are, we can be brought together through fate. When the Witchetty Grub discovers the witch casting spells onto the city he senses she simply needs a friend that cares about her and decides to look after her. He washes her face and hair, jumps on her warts, cleans her teeth and sews up her clothes! The Witch adopts a new sense of calm and starts to appreciate the value of having a good friend in her life which stops her casting spells down onto the city. Isn't it remarkable what a new friend can do? Just one thing! Watch out for the cat!!!

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