Do you feel you are different from other kids? Do they make fun of you or call you names? In this book, You and Me: Different yet the Same, we learn that yes, we are all different and that is ok, yet we are also all the same in some ways. From the bully at school to the shy child, one of the most important things we want is to have a friend. As we see the difference in these 24 kids inside this book, we find that they all ask the same question, Will you be my friend?



5.0 out of 5 stars Well thoughtful children’s book - LaTonya B

This book gained my attention just from initially flipping through the first few pages. It admittedly grasps my attention by displaying a map of the world. I wanted to know more.
Being a health professional who passionately work with children, ”You and Me: Different yet the Same” truly hit a soft spot in my heart. It highlights medical, mental, and physical disabilities that shouldn’t differentiate anyone from being accepted or being bullied. It's a book that promotes positivity, self-awareness, and friendships. This story hit important vital points that are helpful for children to learn early on.
I would highly recommend. This is a wonderful read for anyone.



5.0 out of 5 stars Such an important book for children - D-Rod

This is a really great book, teaching children that being different is a good thing. Sometimes people look different or have disabilities and that’s ok, they are still people, who want many of the same things in life, most importantly acceptance and love! I also love that several countries are discussed in this sweet book. It really touched a soft spot in my heart!

You and Me: Different yet the Same