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On this site, you will find books written by myself and other wonderful authors. There are many styles to choose from. Your child can also watch as we will be reading a new book every week.  You may also purchase these books and others through this site.


Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, pull up a chair and enjoy strolling through this site,, with or without your child.

This book is all about the real toys in Ms. Lynnda's daycare. Kids always have their favorite toy to play with. In this book we see which child loves which toy. Kids will have a wonderful time looking at the toys and possibly relating to a toy here or there. Do they have one of these toys in their home or daycare? Is one of these toys their favorite? As you read this book to your child see if they can name the toy, what color or shape is the toy? There are so many opportunities in this book for your child to learn from. This may be one of your child's favorite books.

Always treat others with kindness. Animoo Town is full of all kinds of animals who live in harmony – tigers, elephants, zebras and many more. Until one day when a mean old gnome changes everything. Suddenly, all the animals are mixed up with each other. Twigen the Tiger is now half-chicken. Bears become half-zebras. Alligators are now half-skunks. Everything has gone crazy and Animoo Town needs help! And that’s where you come in. Together with your friend Brian, you must find this mean gnome and have him change everything back to normal. Because until then, Animoo Town will be a crazy mixed-up place. And when you do encounter that gnome, you’ll realize some important lessons… and that being nice to others is the most important thing of all.

How many times do you have to tell your child to get their finger out of their nose? Here is a fun way for children to learn why sticking their finger up their nose is not a good idea. After reading this book, "Fingerton, the Monster Visits Snotsville" you will never look at another running nose the same.


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Who wouldn’t want to have a shark for a pet? Where would you purchase a shark, if only at The Enchanted Pet Store? Come on an adventure with John as he learns about charity by helping Bob the endangered shark return home.                  


Sally loves food. Take a look at this book and find out what happens to Sally when she eats one kind of food for the whole week. What advise does her mom give her? What happens when she eats a balanced meal of healthy foods? This book is great for those kids who are picky eaters.                                                            


The Enchanted Pet Store is a book series where children enter an old, run down pet store and meet the owner, Mr. Ed Mufflebutt. In a special room there is an animal, which is endangered. A child, who is chosen, is to take the animal home, research, feed, raise and when the animal is ready, they are to release the animal into it's natural habitat. In this book, we see John, from the book, My Pet Shark, Bob, and a new child, Chloe, learn some of the secrets behind The Enchanted Pet Store and how they, along with other children can help endangered animals.                  


In a perfect world, we would all be living in a home with two parents who love us and love each other, yet we know this is not a perfect world. Some times our parents can’t get along and “fall” out of love. With this, they get a divorce. Children often do not understand the how, why or what's. Often, they feel they did something wrong and that is why their parents are getting a divorce. This book will help teach your child why parents sometimes divorce and how it’s not their fault.                                                      

Giving Not Getting-cover-final1.jpg

Do you feel you are different from other kids? Do they make fun of you or call you names? In this book, You and Me: Different yet the Same, we learn that yes, we are all different and that is ok, yet we are also all the same in some ways. From the bully at school to the shy child, one of the most important things we want is to have a friend. As we see the difference in these 24 kids inside this book, we find that they all ask the same question, Will you be my friend?


What to do when your child is selfish and greedy, especially around Christmas time? Read about siblings who can't wait to find out what they are getting for Christmas and how selfish they become. The parents are finding that the kids are arguing a lot about their Christmas list. Find out what the parents do to help the children learn the true meaning of Christmas. Great book for all children to read and learn from.                                               

Here is a fun, interactive way to teach your kids their basic body parts. Inside this book we find out who has certain body parts and then the question is asked to the reader, do they have that body part? Your child will ask you to read this book over and over again                                    

In our Serie books, Who Do I Belong To?, children have a page with a picture of a body part and some clues, they must then guess who's body the part belongs to. Great way for children to learn about different animals. In this series, Eyes, the children will see different kinds of eyes and must guess which ones belong to which animal.                                                           


"But Remember" is a rhyming book where mom tells Billy things he needs to remember in a very silly way. With this book you can teach how to rhyme while you enjoy the laughter that will come from your children as you read this wonderful book, "But Remember."                                              

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